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System Android 7.0



CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 Adreno 506 graphics processorz



GPU Mali-400MP



Memory 3GB



Storage 32GB



External StorageSupport 256GB Micro SD Card



Xiaomi Redmi S2
Xiaomi MI S2 Grey 1
Xiaomi MI S2 Grey 2
Xiaomi MI S2 Grey 3
Xiaomi S2 Gold 1
Xiaomi S2 Gold 2
Xiaomi S2 Gold 3
Xiaomi S2 Black 1
Xiaomi S2 Black 2
Xiaomi S2 Black 3
Xiaomi S2 Pink 1
Xiaomi S2 Pink 2
Xiaomi S2 Pink 3
Xiaomi S2 Blue 1
Xiaomi S2 blue 2
Xiaomi S2 Blue 3