How to solve download error in Google Store?

How to solve download error in Google Store?

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A. If there is connection timeout error, please check the network and make sure that it is normal.

B. Error “921” , Error “923” , Error “403” and so on. They lead to miss verifying your account. Kindly wait for a while and try it again. Of course you can also change network or Google account.


Mark: Two devices cannot use same account


Google store can be entered into, but when you download software, there is retrieving information error. Step1,open the Settings, you can see the accounts, then enter into Google account. There are 3 light spots on the top right corner and press it; Step2, you can delete the account. (Before do this, kindly back up your data, otherwise your contact persons will be lost. Steps as following: Restart the Tablet PC —Settings —Apps—Select all the right selections —Find the Google service —clear away the data—-re-login your account)


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