How to find firmware of tablet PC?

Please log on to the wintouch site to download the page and then enter the bar code on the machine's shell.

After tablet was re-installed several times. The tablet cannot be powered on yet.

The re-installment is not successful, please use right way re-install.

When the SIM card is inserted in tablet, it cannot be used. How to solve it?

A. Power off the tablet, then insert the card.. After that power on again and try it again.

B. Open the tablet, operate as following steps,

Setting —SIM management—-Data connection(open it )

What is IMEI? Is it in common use in all countries?

IMEI is international mobile equipment identity. It is an identification number to enter into mobile network of the country. It is not in common use in all countries.

How to reset the tablet PC.

A. Pin the re-set hole to reset it and power on again.

B. Download the firmware to reset it.


How to solve the flash screen?

A. Check the adapter whether there is problem about it.

B. It is the problem of low power. When the power is less than 10%, the screen will flash. So kindly charge your tablet PC.

The steps to re-install the OS.

Download this link for your reference  >>

Why does the battery just stand about half an hour?

About the battery, before we ship the tablet to you, we have already tested it. If there is this problem, perhaps the battery was broken. Please contact with the local retailer.

The tablet has operate too many models, finally lead to system crashing. How to solve it?

A. If you can enter into system, you can use restore factory setting function to settle it.

B. Download the firmware, re-install the OS.

When you use the Live Suit update firmware, typeface is bigger than the standard. The tablet menu cannot be seen. How to solve it?

This is because that you use the wrong firmware to update the OS. Kindly download associated firmware to update.

If you cannot turn on and charge tablet PC, how to solve it?

A. Please confirm that the adapter is wintouch original adapter and indicator light is okay.

B. Press and hold the ON/OFF button about 10 seconds, after turning off, try to connect with power supply. Meantime, some products can use the reset function to restart tablet, and then connect it to power supply.

C. If your charge jack and hardware have problems, please contact with local retailer.

Tablet cannot enter into OS or stay in boot interface. How to solve it?

Perhaps OS files are damaged, you need to download firmware to update OS.

If tablet cannot read the SIM card, how to solve it?

A. Please confirm that the tablet is turning off when SIM card was put in.

B. Input “*#06#” on dialer interface and get IMEI number, then confirm whether it is adapt to the local operator. If it cannot be used, please visit http://www.wintouch.ae  download modify tools.

C. Our tablets support 3G. WCDMA just include the 850/2100. And special one can support CDMA.

The tablet displays that Ram is shortage, and operation is very slowly, how to solve it?

A. Since RAM is used on the operation system and the apps, the device of the SD card just can visit storage files with small room.

B. The storage of tablet is consisted by RAM andROM.Please do not put files in the Ram, kindly operate as following steps: Settings —-apps —download, then you can remove files to the SD card. Meantime, ROM just can distribute about 10%-20% to the OS. If you find room is shortage, kindly extend the SD card .

How to judge whether the product are Wintouch’s original product?

Wintouch product has its own anti-counterfeit label. You can visit http://wintouch.ae/?page_id=256 and input anti-counterfeit number. By this way, you can confirm it .


Mark: The anti-counterfeit number just can be used one time.

If you forget password, how to solve ?

Kindly restore factory setting, and all data will be deleted. Please visit http://www.wintouch.ae/?page_id=126, download firmware.

How to solve download error in Google Store?

A. If there is connection timeout error, please check the network and make sure that it is normal.

B. Error “921” , Error “923” , Error “403” and so on. They lead to miss verifying your account. Kindly wait for a while and try it again. Of course you can also change network or Google account.


Mark: Two devices cannot use same account


Google store can be entered into, but when you download software, there is retrieving information error. Step1,open the Settings, you can see the accounts, then enter into Google account. There are 3 light spots on the top right corner and press it; Step2, you can delete the account. (Before do this, kindly back up your data, otherwise your contact persons will be lost. Steps as following: Restart the Tablet PC —Settings —Apps—Select all the right selections —Find the Google service —clear away the data—-re-login your account)


The Tablet PC cannot be read, but can be charged, how to solve it?

A. Please open the tablet, set it as following:

Settings —–Developer options —-USB Debugging (Select it)

Mark: For Some of Android 4.2 OS Tablet PC, please click “Build Number” 3-4 times, then enter into “Developer Options”

B. It is the problem of the cable, please change another cable and try again.