The new experience
begins with your wrist

Motion calculation
Sedentary reminder
Sleep detection

Every detail is carefully designed, to closely
fit your needs, and easy to wear in hand,
every interaction are fast and easy, complete
function, convenient you real-time call and
view the information, monitoring of sleep, play
music. And give you a brand new feeling.


HD recording

High definition remote recording (three core sound, S level full range linear processing system)


Sleep detection

Sleep monitoring can be 24 hours without
interruption to your sleep quality monitoring,
reasonable adjustment of the rest time, develop
good sleep habits.


Explosion-proof grade IPS screen

Ensure that the picture is clear,
smooth and true while preventing
the screen from being destroyed.
good sleep habits.


Perfect sound quality, enjoy music


Slim Art

Noble and born to fashion
beyond imagination


Caller’s name and number display (name and number)

Unconnection waring after 5-10m(vibration waring)

Incoming vibration for alert


Earphone support

MP3 play support

Synchronization Telephone’s contacts

Time display

Compatible to Bluetooth 2.1(standard)

Class 2 staandard (10meters)

Working Frequency:2.4GHZ

Working distance 5-10m

Auto enery-savingmode

Low power consumption mode/high speed operation mode

Safety certificate,data encryption



WT11 (Discontinued)